Kraken Submission Grappling Rashguards


Kraken Submission Grappling Rashguard Kraken Submission Grappling Custom Rashguard! Kraken Submission Grappling is a No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy based in Ely Cambridgeshire. We are super amped on how this rashguard turned out and we feel [...]

Vice City Rashguard


Vice City Rashguard Vice City Rashguard! This vibrant rashguard was inspired by one of the greatest video games of all time. Grand Theft Auto! Without using to much detail from the games themselves, we tried to [...]

Ranked Rashguard Series

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Check M8! Ranked Rashguard Series Short Sleeve Rashguards Long Sleeve Rashguards Ranked Rashguard Series Our range of Check M8! Ranked Rashguards are sure to make [...]

Rough Diamonds MMA Custom Rashguard


Rough Diamonds MMA Custom Rashguard Rough Diamonds MMA Custom Rashguard! Rough Diamonds MMA is a Mixed Martial Arts Academy based in St Ives Cambridgeshire. The guys over at Rough Diamonds specialise in MMA, Muay Thai, [...]

Gorilla Warfare!


GORILLA WARFARE! Gorilla Warfare Rashguard! Check out the latest design from CheckM8! This M249 light machine gun wielding, miserable ***hole gorilla is ready to wreak havoc in your dojo! Some may say this militant is [...]

Team Lard/Tough Mudder Rashguards


Team Lard/Tough Mudder Rashguards Team Lard / Tough Mudder Custom Rashguard! We was approached by Michael (Bear) who runs the Tough Mudder Circuits up and down the UK for charity to design some custom teamwear for [...]

Save the panda rashguard


Vice City Rashguard Save the Panda Rashguard! This was the very first rashguard design from CheckM8! Lifestyle. It was one of our very first mascots, hence the name save the panda! unfortunately he could be saved [...]

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